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GeekEasy Private Event Space

Afternoon Events + Team Building

Whole Bar Evening Rental 

Our small private event space the GeekEasy (16'x10'). Features one big screen with 12 console hookups, surround sound, and Guitar/Band Hero.  Console list: PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, NES, SNES,  Sega Genisis w/CD, N64, Wii/Gamecube, PS2, Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar and PC Engine/Turbografx 16

$30hr (does not include main bar gameplay)

Reserve the bar in the afternoon between 12-5pm daily (exceptions are possible). Team build with multiplayer games and a private karaoke space (Band Hero).  HDMI hookups for presentations.  Food and beverage packages available. 

2hr min.

Rates start at $500 

Go all out for your event and reserve the entire bar for the night. The. Entire. Bar. Includes all games stations, the GeekEasy and the Patio. Food and beverage packages/minimums required. 

Rates start at $3k 

*we do not currently make table reservations in the main area/bar.

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